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WEPROPERTY's vision for Abode318 was to create unrivalled living conditions in

Melbourne that would deliver long-term value to homeowners and unrivalled

amenities to residents - inspired by Melbourne's ongoing status as the world's

most liveable city.

This philosophy was applied to the residential project through clever interior

design, with ample storage space and natural light complementing the living

amenities over two full floors. The result is a livable urban tower that retains the

quality and subtle luxury for which WEPROPERTY is renowned.

Soaring above the State Library of Victoria, Abode 318 offers spectacular western

views that are never overshadowed by construction. Overlooking the city skyline

as well as Carlton Gardens, residents have a clear view of our magnificent city,

surrounding suburbs and the mountains on the horizon.

Level 9 offers residents a variety of amenities such as a BBQ terrace, dining and l

ounge areas, meeting rooms, a fully equipped gymnasium, infinity pool, sauna

and steam room.

The Sky Lounge on the 55th floor offers a unique and luxurious space for

relaxation and dining, complemented by a gym and day spa with stunning

views of the city and surrounding area.

Abode318's sought-after spaces truly fulfil the vision of offering the most

liveable flats in the world's most liveable city.