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Gadsden is fast becoming the address of choice in West Melbourne, offering residents a

lifestyle with the perfect balance of community atmosphere, rich local culture and

outstanding access to the CBD.

Close to North Melbourne Station, it is one train stop to the CBD and bus routes

provide quick access to major universities and hospitals.

For those who prefer to walk, the Queen Victoria Market and Melbourne CBD are a

15-minute walk away.

Residents can enjoy a private roof garden, lounge and dining area, gym and fitness

centre. A metro-style supermarket is located on the ground floor, catering to the needs

of Gadsden residents and neighbours.

The historic façade of J. Gadsden's iconic pewter and cannery surrounds the one-,

two- and three-bedroom flats that complement the unique townhouses. A lush green

courtyard serves as a quiet retreat for residents and a point of connection with the

neighbouring community.

The high-quality spaces are designed with a focus on functionality and will be a

long-term asset for the owners.

Following the WEPROPERTY urban model, Gadsden's architecture is inspired by the

regional character of West Melbourne and the industrial roots that underpin its appeal.

Western Properties is proud to be working with reputable builder Hamilton Marino on

this project.