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Boyd Village will be a vertical village with a green entrance inspired by a

contemporary approach to placemaking and community building.

It will be a cohesive complex of 434 rental units, including 40 affordable housing

units for Investa's Indi platform.

Investa will retain the tower and the plinth, with the exception of the ground floor

and first class council facilities, which will be owned and managed by the City of


The green environment will echo the neighbourhood's parks, gardens and

redevelopment plans, creating interaction with the neighbourhood.

Residents will have access to high-end amenities such as a swimming pool,

gymnasium, multi-purpose fitness room, outdoor barbecue area, co-working space,

library and games room.

Although the development has a contemporary feel, the architecture is inspired

by the historic buildings of the neighbouring Boyd Community Hub.

The Boyd Community Hub occupies an old brick school building built between

1884 and 1885. The Tudor Revival-style building showcases Melbourne's history

and now provides Southbank with a library, café and a range of community and

family services.

Boyd Village will be the location for Southbank's unique urban functions.