Our mission is to create efficient and sustainable development and operations, explore ecological restoration and human-friendly design strategies, and bring diverse living and working styles to the central business district and inner city suburbs. We strive to make our projects models of holistic sustainability, achieving appropriate and innovative environmental, social and governance outcomes through design, construction and end use. Our developments maintain a strong track record, including ESG certifications such as Greenstar Design and Completion Ratings, International WELL Building Institute Certification (WELL), industry-leading NatHERS and NABERs ratings. By building strong partnerships with key stakeholders, government agencies and suppliers, we are able to leverage our collective expertise to deliver projects that perform well and contribute to the well-being of future generations.
Elizabeth North sets the standard for overall sustainability in Melbourne. The 18-story tower, which currently houses CSL Limited's world headquarters, has been awarded a 5-star Green Star - Design and Completion v1.2 Design Certification and is on track to achieve a 5-star Completion Certification. Developed in partnership with WEPROPERTY, CSL, Roberts Co and WSP, the project's sustainability goals include sustainable outcomes in line with Australian best practices, energy efficient design and operations, and exemplary workplaces that foster collaboration and improve indoor environmental quality.
Located in the historic Queen Victoria Market precinct, Phase One has been awarded a 5-star Green Star for design and completion and includes the city's largest new community centre, 500 car garage for market customers and 48 affordable residential units. The second phase will include the Millbach boutique hotel and his 490 rental apartments for grain retail. With an average Nasers rating of 8 stars, the electric vehicle infrastructure will allow residents to live comfortably without compromising the environmental footprint.